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Hire/Rent Recreation/Sport Road

With the stock market at all-time highs and IT stocks soaring on the back of the worldwide recovery, there has never been a better time than now to invest in an IT business. The best business in this area is one that serves two sides of the transaction, buyer and seller. The challenges in this area are to get the software right and then build a client base. The owner of this business has spent around $400,000 on getting the software right and now it's just up to sales and marketing to get the already trading business to the next level . We know that there is a track record and a proven business model. However, the current owner has other businesses in this particular industry, which occupy his time and has reluctantly put this business up for sale.

It really is a just in time transport tool which takes advantage of the fact that the carrier is not always full. That allows the service provider to reduce the price for the trip as it costs no more to have one more on board. The cargo is precious and hence the customer has an opportunity to check the rating of the carrier before engaging the service. It has current application in one particular industry but it could be used to carry boats, vehicles, animals or any industry where the carrier has variable space available for customers. The business does have a track record but it's not priced according to his current financials. The important thing to remember is that the software code is also available here so once you own that you can license it to others. Just call us for a demo. You will be impressed.


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