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Attention all Investors . Guaranteed returns. Ethical Farms investment. 

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Are you in the market for an investment that returns guaranteed passive income?

Mrs Clucks Farms has established an Investor Owner passive Income opportunity.

About the Opportunity:

Investment in Growing Sustainable Local Industry.
Minimum $22,722, 20% annual return, monthly income.

An expanding pasture egg producer wishes to increase their production of sustainably farmed organic pasture eggs. Pasture animals are raised in paddocks and have total freedom of movement. They express natural instincts such as scratching, digging and dust bathing. They devour bugs, insects and pastures and fertilise naturally. Moving chickens regularly, through a planned, farm-pasture rotation maintains continual sustainable soil pasture improvement.
The company has refined that process, designed new campervans to support production, and builds them in South Australia.

The product is a premium PASTURE EGG product suitable for export markets based on wholesome, fresh, healthy, nutritional, natural and safe.

The Company seeks buyer/investors to purchase these South Australian manufactured units and lease them back to the producer in an approach that mimics the established vending machine rental model.

There is nothing for you to do....

It really is that simple !!

Features and benefits

• Purchase 1 or more Coopecabana chicken campervans, $22,722 + GST this is immediately leased direct to the farmer and placed in the Fleurieu Peninsula for a minimum 5-year period with 2X 5 year lease options, 15 years in total.

• You own the campervan(s) until sale of the campervan at the end of any of the 5 or 10, 15 year lease periods as elected by you, the farmer holding first right of refusal to purchase at a predetermined value

• Annual rental is $5,000 (+GST if applicable), paid monthly in advance representing a 20% return.

• There is no minimum on the number of units (chicken caravans) investors can invest in. We currently have up to 50 available.

• Investors can consider benefitting under the instant write off currently available to businesses in South Australia$30,000-instant-asset-write-off/

• The investors can be an individual, super fund, company or a partnership.

• No hidden costs :

• Mrs. Clucks Farms will Insure :

the trailer for Public Liability, storm damage and theft and
ensure the (Investor) Owners interest is registered at all times

maintain the trailer required to sustain healthy Pasture-Raised
Free Range Eggs

Inform the Owner if the CoopeCabana Chicken Caravans is moved
from any site to another.

Here is a youtube video on the equipment :

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